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African Studies Research Guide: Primary Sources

Reviews primary sources at Emory and elsewhere for research in African Studies, emphasizing African history.

Selected Other Collections




Center for Research Libraries



CRL houses a wide variety of primary sources, including missionary materials, government publications, newspapers, etc. that are available for extended loans to Emory researchers. The CRL catalog is one of the first places to search for primary sources not held at Emory. CRL has a topic guide for African Studies which covers major collections only. CRL publishes a Focus on Global Resources newsletter which has had several issues of interest: "Religion and the Modern World" (Summer 2007) and "England in Africa" (Spring 2007), Resources on Africa, Summer 2010.. CAMP is an area studies program within CRL devoted to preserving unusual publications and primary resources related to Africa. Check the CAMP page for important materials. SEE CRL's guide to African collections.  Emory is a member of CRL and CAMP.


A recent important CRL microfilm purchase is

Germany. Reichskolonialamt
Bundesarchiv (Germany)

Records of the German Ministry for Colonial Affairs (Reichskolonialamt). CRL holds the complete set of the Reichskolonialamt microfilm set “R1001.” This set covers Akte 1-9788 of the archives, and contains information on colonial policy, affairs relating to the African colonies, economics and trade, land and forestry, foreign affairs, and command of the colonial force. The Bundesarchiv hosts an online guide  and a usefulintroduction to the collection .

Catalog Record · Guide 


**NOTE: The CRL is increasingly digitizing its resources. All formats are listed in the CRL catalog.  A very helpful video on locating and using CRL's digital resources (emphasizing CAMP materials) is available from the University of Iowa.

NEW: CRL has recently announced an initiative to digitize endangered documents of foreign governments, emphasizing Africa and the Middle East.

See also the 1985 CAMP Catalog (Ref Z3509 C66)  of microform collections of unusual research materials related to Africa for use by participating members including Emory. Most of the titles are now available in the Center for Research Libraries online catalog. A selective Guides to the Collections is available at the CAMP site