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Psychological and Educational Measurement Instruments Guide

Search Databases to find Tests

Finding tests is not easy or intuitive. Follow the search instructions for each of these databases. If you need help, please contact the psychology librarian, Jennifer Elder (see box on left side of page) or Ask a Librarian.


Try this database first when searching for tests. PsycTESTS provides full-text copies of many tests as well as supporting documentation.

  • NOTE: PsycTESTS contains a small collection of tests. You may need to use other resources to find the best test for your study.


You can use PsycINFO to find information about tests and sometimes the tests themselves.


See the video (bottom left) for information about searching for tests in PsycINFO.


  • Do a search for your test topic (e.g., stress)
  • View the full record for the article. Look at the "Tests and measures" field in the record to see what tests/measures were used.

Once you have identified some tests/measures, you can search to see what studies have used these.

  • Search for the test name in the search box and choose Tests & Measures from the dropdown box. You will get a list of studies that have used this test.

You can also search for tests that are included in an article:

  • Do a search for the word "appended" and select Tests & Measures in the dropdown box. You will see a list of articles that should have the test appended/attached at the end of the article. Warning - the tests are not always appended.

Or you can search for a test name AND the word appended to see if any articles have the test included with the article.

  • You may be immediately led to the full text of the article with the test included. If not, try to find the article online ("Find It @ Emory" button) or in print by searching discoverE.
  • If you get stuck, contact or a librarian at the reference desk.
  • Note: Even if a test is not appended in the PsycINFO database, searching PsycINFO is a good way to find the names of tests, which you can then look for in books or other databases.


  • Maintained by the Educational Testing Service (ETS)
  • Contains descriptions of over 25,000 published and unpublished tests and measurements
  • Simple seach interface
  • The "Availability" field will tell you where to find the actual test:
    • If there is an article citation, you will find it in that article
    • If it says "Tests in Microfiche" we will have it in the library in our microfiche collection (drawer #1198)
    • If it has a person's name or the name of a company (publisher), most likely it will be available only for purchase


Health and PsychoSocial Instruments (HaPI)

  • Search by title (test name), keyword, or hrase describing the attribute(s) you wish to measure.
  • Results will contain information about tests on your topic and studies in which they were used.
  • Limit your search by checking the box for "primary source." In HaPI, a primary source is either the original article where the instrument was first used or a resource that contains the full-text of the instrument.


Getting Started with PsycTESTS handout