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Currey Seminar

This guide is a collection of information for student participating in Rose Library's Currey Seminar.

What is a catalog record?

Emory's printed materials (books, pamphlets, journals, newspapers, etc.) are cataloged in discoverE. This is a common practice, and most libraries contribute their records to larger consortium catalogs, like WorldCat.

We call the in depth description of an item in discoverE its catalog record.

A catalog record is to a printed item as a finding aid is to a manuscipt collection. In special collections libraries catalog records give more information then just the call number.

What are some common parts of a catalog record?

  • Basic item information
    • Title
    • Author
    • Publisher
    • Year and place of publication
  • Location information
    • Holding library
    • Call number
    • Collection
  • Physical description
    • Size
    • Number of pages

What are some things to look out for?

  • Edition date: Year of publication. One work may have many editions that can change it significantly.
  • Provenance: Where did the item come from? Was it owned by someone noteworthy that might impact how and why the item was kept or changed over time?
  • Unique characteristics: Marginalia, inscriptions, printer's mistakes, damage, etc.
  • Locations: Which of Emory's many libraries holds this item? If looking in WorldCat, what other libraries have an item I want that Emory does not?