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Currey Seminar

This guide is a collection of information for student participating in Rose Library's Currey Seminar.

Archives basics

Starting archival research, especially away from home, can be very challenging. It is important to plan your research the same way that you might plan a vacation, by finding out as much as you can in advance, evaluate the things you want to do, and make contact with local guides.

During your Currey Seminar session, we'll discuss in detail the topics listed in this guide. This session will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge you'll need to have a successful research trip.

What is the Currey Seminar?

The Currey Seminar is an award program for Emory University undergraduates who are planning to travel to do research in an archives or special collections. The Award is named for former Chairman of the Board, Bradley Currey and is given each Spring.

Students who receive this award attend a training session on understanding and using archives. They are also responsible for contributing a written report about their research trip for publication on the Rose Library blog or other publication.

For more information, visit the Currey Seminar webpage, or contact