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Data Resources for International Development and Health

A compilation of development and health data and indicators, at both the macro- and micro- levels.

Country/Regional Resources

The Afrobarometers are a series of surveys conducted across a dozen Sub-Saharan African countries with the intent of gathering data on social and political attitudes towards subjects such as political participation, national identity, civil society, and other such topics.

China Data Online
China Data Online is a collection of data on economics, demographics, and other such topics. Data are available for China as a whole and for individual provinces, counties, and cities. Depending on the topic and geographic area, data are available in annual, quarterly, or monthly increments. China Data Online is also available via Databases at Emory.

DataFirst is an archive hosted by the University of Cape Town in South Africa. The geographic focus is on South Africa, but there are many studies from other African countries as well. The data cover topics such as demographics, health, mobile phone usage, microeconomics (i.e. firm-level data), labour markets, and public opinion.

Ghana Statistical Service National Data Archive
This archive provides a catalog for household-level surveys and other microdata on topics such as reproductive health, crime, education assessments, and microeconomics.

Indiastat focuses on India specifically and contains data on a very wide range of social, economic, environmental, and political topics, with data at both the national and state levels. Data tables are available for download as Excel files. Indiastat is also available via Databases at Emory.

Kenya National Data Archive (KeNADA)
KeNADA is a catalog of household surveys and microdata, with data covering topics such as population censuses, financial access/inclusion, foreign direct investment, and public health. Most of the datasets are available under licensed terms.

Latinobarómetro Data
The Latinobarómetro is an annual survey conducted amongst 18 countries in Latin America. The survey, which has been conducted since 1995, asks respondents about topics such as globalization, democratic governance and political institutions, "social capital," the environment, and gender issues.

Peru - Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática (INEI)
INEI provides access to microdata for Peru on topics such as education, health, microeconomics, demographics, and crime.

Portal of Public Use Datasets on Sub-Saharan Africa
The National Bureau of Economic Research has a portal for identifying open, public-use microdata and macro-level data covering countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. You can search for data by combinations of topic, keyword, and country.