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Russ 270W/IDS 285W: Russian Society and Culture

Using library resources to locate sources for your course project

Film Collections

Below is a small sample of both Russian films and films from former Soviet republics from Klassiki.

Registration is required to use Klassiki collection. Visit, register with your Emory email address. Wait until you will receive an email from the Klassiki team instructing you how to complete your enrolment. Any problems please email us 

Login with your Klassiki credentials to watch the films below. 

You can find more films by searching the Emory Library catalog, and limiting your results to video or visual materials.

Highlighted Resource: Oxford Bibliographies

Library of Congress Subject Headings

In the library catalog, books, videos and other materials are assigned Library of Congress (LC) subject headings based on their content. Here is a sample list of subject headings related to Soviet cinema. Some of them pertain equally to books and videos. When you view catalog records in Emory University Library Catalog, these subject headings display as active links pointing to other items with the same subject.

This is not an exhaustive list of subject headings pertinent to film studies, but it should give you a sense of commonly used vocabulary and how subject headings are structured.

These subject headings also pertain to films in the library collection. You can filter the results by Resource Type "Video or Visual Material" using the left side navigation tools in Emory University Library Catalog to explore the many hundreds of Soviet films that we have both on DVD and online in the Library collection. Most of them have English subtitles.