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Russ 270W/IDS 285W: Russian Society and Culture

Using library resources to locate sources for your course project

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Use Library Search to find books, journals, videos, government documents, microfilm collections and other materials at the Emory libraries, including Woodruff; Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library; Goizueta Business; Pitts Theology; Woodruff Health Sciences Center; McMillan Law; Science Commons; Music and Media; and Oxford libraries.

Tips for Searching Russian Names in the Online Catalog

 Be aware that transliteration from the Russian cyrillic alphabet to the roman alphabet can render a person's name or a work's title in several different ways. In general, we use the Library of Congress transliteration table but often, especially with well known authors or artists, exception is made so that a popularly accepted spelling is used (for example, we use Vladimir Mayakovsky, instead of Vladimir Maiakovskii).


Library of Congress Call Number Ranges for Russian History and Literature


Call Number Ranges for shelf or online browsing

Russian History  Russian Literature 
DK1 - DK949.5History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics
DK33 - DK 35.5 Ethnography
DK36 - DK293 History
     DK70 - DK112.42 History: Earliest to 1613
          DK70 - DK99.7 Rus'
          DK99.8 - DK112.42 Muscovy
     DK112.8 - DK264.8 House of Romanov, 1613-1917
     DK265 - DK265.95 Revolution, 1917-1921
     DK266 - DK292 Soviet Regime, 1918-1991
     DK293 1991-
DK500 Regions Not Limited to One Republic, A-Z
DK501 - DK949.5 Local History and Description
     DK503 - DK503.95 Estonia
     DK504 - DK504.95 Latvia
     DK505 - DK505.95 Lithuania
     DK507 - DK507.95 Belarus. Byelorussian S.S.R. White Russia
     DK508 - DK508.95 Ukraine
     DK509 Southern Soviet Union
     DK509.1 - DK509.95 Moldova. Moldovan S.S.R. Bessarabia-
     DK510 - DK651 Russia (Federation). Russian S.F.S.R.
          DK541 - DK579 Saint Petersburg. Leningrad. Petrograd.
          DK588 - DK609 Moscow
     DK670 - DK679.5 Georgia (Republic)
     DK680 - DK689.5 Armenia (Republic)
     DK690 - DK699.5 Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan S.S.R.
     DK751 - DK781 Siberia
     DK845 - DK860 Soviet Central Asia. West Turkestan
     DK901 - DK909.5 Kyrgyzstan. Kirghiz S.S.R. Kirghizia
     DK921 - DK929.5 Tajikistan. Tajik S.S.R. Tadzhikistan
     DK931 - DK939.5 Turkmenistan
     DK941 - DK949.5 Uzbekistan

PG2900-(3698): Russian literature

PG2900-3190: History and criticism
PG2900-2998: General
PG3001-3026: Special periods
PG3041-3065: Poetry
PG3071-3089: Drama
PG3091-3099: Prose
PG(3100)-(3155): Folk literature (Including texts)
PG3199-3299: Collections
PG3199-3205: General
PG(3211)-3219: Translations
PG3223-3229.2: Special periods
PG3230-3238: Poetry
PG3240-3255: Drama
PG3260-3299: Prose
PG3300-3493.96: Individual authors and works
PG3300-3308: Early to 1700
PG3310-3319: 18th century

PG3312: Derzhavin
PG3314: Karamzin
PG3316: Lomonosov
PG3318: Sumarokov
PG3320-3447: 1800-1870
PG3325-3328: Dostoyevsky
PG3332-3335: Gogol'
PG3340-3359: Pushkin
PG3365-3417: Tolstoi
PG3420-3445: Turgenev
PG3450-3470: 1870-1917
PG3452: Andreev
PG3455-3458: Chekhov
PG3462-3465: Gorky
PG3475-3476: 1917-1960
PG3477-3490: 1961-2000
PG3491.2-3493.96: 2001-

PG3500-3505: Provincial, local, etc. 
PG3515-3550: Outside the Russian Federation
PG(3651)-(3698): Special subjects


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A catalog for libraries worldwide, WorldCat  contains citations for books, journals, manuscripts, maps, music scores, sound recordings, films, computer files, newspapers, slides, and videotapes.

Materials from WorldCat may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.