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Israel/Palestine in World Politics (Levin)

To support research in Dr. Geoffrey Levin's course (JS 471W/POLS 490/HIST 496W/MESAS 470W)

Subject Headings

Books in libraries are assigned subject headings. Subject Headings are standardized terms that ensure books on the same topic can be found even if you enter different search terms.  Here is a sample list of Library of Congress (LC) subject headings for this course: 

Arab-Israeli conflict

Catholic Church--Foreign relations—Israel

Church and state--Israel

Christians--Government policy--Israel

Israel-Arab War

Israel--Foreign relations

Israel--Foreign relations--European Economic Community countries

Israel--Foreign relations--Turkey

Jewish-Arab relations

Jewish-Arab relations--History

United States--Foreign relations—Israel

Middle East--Foreign relations--United States

Israel--Foreign relations--United States

Israel--Foreign relations--Catholic Church

Israel--Politics and government

Palestinian Arabs

Palestine--Politics and government--1917-1948

United States--Foreign relations--Middle East


When you find a good book on your topic in Library Search, click on the subject headings assigned to that book to find other titles on that topic. Also, you can use the subject heading terms in a new search to retrieve more titles.