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memo in MAXQDA is a place to write notes, questions, and hypotheses about your coded data. Think of a memo like a sticky-note you are attaching to different blocks of text, codes, or documents. 

Memos can be attached to individual codes, documents, or to text that you have highlighted.

Memo Menu

  • There is a Memo toolbar found on the top menu of MAXQDA. 


Memos in the Document Browser

Highlight the text you want to memo.

You then want to Right-Click. This box will appear:

Choose Insert Memo for Selection.  A memo box appears for you to write in that documents the date/time. You can also rename your memo if you want to:

After you close the memo, it appears next to the text you highlighted:

Please note:

  • Once you are finished writing a memo, close the box and a yellow post-it will appear next to the code. This post-it signals to you that there is a memo attached to this block of text.

There is also a Memo Side Bar you can use to see and work with memos. To use it, you need to make sure it is open. 

Memos in the Code System and the Document System

Code System Memos:

  • Go to the Code System. Right-click in the Memo column:

This box will appear:

You then fill out the memo as you did above and close it. You now have a new memo attached to a code.

  • Just fill out the memo information and close it. A yellow post-it will appear next to the code to let you know that the memo is attached.
  • You do the same process to attach a memo to a document in the Document System. The memos look the same across windows.