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MAXQDA is a software program that allows you to code and analyze your qualitative research. It allows you to code faster and more efficiently.

This Research Guide will help you:

  • Understand the basics of MAXQDA
  • Import your data
  • Learn how to do basic coding
  • Become competent in running reports on your coded data and exporting these reports


You can try MAXQDA on a free 14-day trial.

Library Resources to Help with MAXQDA

MAXQDA Resources

MAXQDA has a comprehensive manual.

MAXQDA also has video tutorials

Accessing MAXQDA on Campus

MAXQDA is available at the following locations on campus:

  • Learning Commons at Woodruff Library
    • (MAXQDA is on the nine windows computers on the first floor)
  • Woodruff Health Sciences Library

Purchasing MAXQDA

Students and faculty can purchase a license to MAXQDA through the Emory Software Store.

You can also purchase through MAXQDA's website. There are discounted student licenses

If you are an instructor teaching qualitative methods, you can get free course licenses for your students from MAXQDA.

Teamwork in MAXQDA

Teamwork can be an essential part of working with MAXQDA. Here are some teamwork resources:

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