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HIST 466W|MESAS 466W: India - the home and the world

This course guide includes research support and material for the course India: the home and the world.

Know Your Library Services

Library Catalog and Account

The best place to begin searching for research resources is through the Emory University library catalog discoverE.  You can use the discoverE to locate books, e-books, journals, videos, microfilms, government documents, etc.

Before you begin your search, please log into My Account, your unique account with the library. You can find this in the top right hand area of the catalog. See the example below:

With My Account, you are able to view your current check-outs, due dates, requests, and fine information. You can also use other automated library services. The e-shelf allows you to save and organize items that you find during your discoverE session. You can also save your searches in the catalog. To access e-Shelf, click the e-Shelf link at the top of the page. If you would like to learn how to save you searches in you library account, please check out the helpful suggestions on the My discoverE Account page.

Interlibrary Loan 

Tips on Finding Books in DiscoverE

From the Catalog tab in discoverE:

  • Type in your keywords
  • When you get some results, use "Refine Search Results" on the left to narrow your search by author, item type, date and more.
  • Search term ideas:
    • caste: scheduled caste, untouchable, dalit studies, dalit writing
    • class: ashraf, bhadralok, respectability, middle class
    • gender: conjugality, domesticity, family, feminism, femininity, gender history, marriage, social reform, widows, women
    • space: bungalow, housing, public, public sphere, urban history, urban space, zenana
    • genre: autobiography, life narrative
    • place: british india, colonial india, india, south asia, delhi, calcutta, bombay, madras

Too many search results?

  • Add additional terms to your search
  • Limit your search by item type, exact phrase, and/or author/title/subject using discoverE's drop-down menus
  • Use discoverE's "Refine Search Results" feature (in the left column) 

Too few results?

  • Remove some terms from your search
  • Add synonyms using OR [in upper case] with parentheses - for example (women OR woman OR female)

Off-topic results?