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Digitized Visual Materials for South Asian Studies

This guide will help you find visual materials related to South Asia that have been digitized. These materials include paintings, photographs, woodcut prints, lithographs, illuminated manuscripts, posters, postcards, and other popular ephemera.

How to Search

Most online catalogs and collections work on the same premise as Google search. You simply enter a single keyword like "Hinduism" or "Dance" and get a range of results. This range can sometimes be overwhelming to sort through. To narrow down your search, consider using the following search tips:


  • You can achieve more accurate results with multiple keywords: 
    • AND - results will contain both keywords, e.g orientalism AND India
    • OR - results will contain one or more of the keywords, e.g. orientalism OR India
    • NOT - results won't contain the keyword, e.g. orientalism NOT India

  • You can also add search modifiers to get more accurate results. 
    • " " - results will contain the words between the quotation marks as an exact phrase, e.g. "South Asia"
    • * - results will contain the stem that precedes the asterisk, e.g. Jain* will cultivate results that may contain Jain, Jains, Jainism, Jainist, Jainite, Jainologist etc.
    • ( ) - results will contain whatever is specified in the brackets and the other keywords, e.g. (Rama OR Sita) AND Ramayana
    • ? - results will contain variations on the keyword that contains the question mark, e.g. wom?n will cultivate results that contain "woman" or "women"