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Digitized Visual Materials for South Asian Studies

This guide will help you find visual materials related to South Asia that have been digitized. These materials include paintings, photographs, woodcut prints, lithographs, illuminated manuscripts, posters, postcards, and other popular ephemera.


Mughal: Portrait of Akbar: det. c. 1650. University of California, San Diego.

ARTstor is an immense platform of digital images aggregated from museums, universities, and private collections worldwide. The database functions like Google Images but curates much higher quality works and respects copyright issues. It contains a wide range paintings, photographs, prints, sketches, and archeological objects from South Asia dating from the ancient to the modern periods.

Explore Artstor

User Tips: 

1. Access to ARTstor is provided by your Emory net id. However, you should also register an ARTstor user profile to take full advantage of the platform. Registration allows you to download images, favorite images, organize them by theme, and bulk export them for Powerpoint and other class projects.

To register: go to the highest top right of the page and select "register to save images" and follow the instructions.

To download images: Once you have registered, search and select an image. You can select the "download" button in the top right corner. Please note that some image providers will not allow downloads.     

2. ARTstor includes a citation generator but it is not ideal. It includes an overwhelming amount of detail. It is better to follow citation suggestions mentioned in the "Citing Images" part of this guide. You can find this in the menu to the left of this page.

3. ARTstor is vast. Narrow your search results by exploring the categories on the left side of the screen. You can filter your search by collection type, geography, medium (classification), and date. 

ARTstor User Guide

How to use ARTstor 


Have more questions on ARTstor?

Review the ARTstor support page or email your South Asian Studies librarian, Gautham Reddy (