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Library Orientation for Nursing

This information was developed for nurses conducting research via the Emory Libraries

PubMed Clinical Queries

The PubMed Clinical Queries Page is designed to do quick searches for EBM in two clinical research areas: COVID-19 and Clinical Studies.  From the main PubMed search page, click on the Clinical Queries link below the magnifying glass in the Find menu. 

Clinical Study Categories  
This column offers five categories to choose from:

  • Therapy: Retrieves clinical studies that discuss the treatment of disease. This is the search default.
  • Diagnosis: Retrieves clinical studies addressing disease diagnosis.
  • Etiology: Retrieves clinical studies addressing causation/harm in disease and diagnostics.
  • Prognosis: Retrieves clinical studies addressing disease prognosis.
  • Clinical Prediction Guides: Retrieves clinical studies which discuss methods for predicting the likelihood of disease presence or absence.

The scope can be defined as Broad (the default) or Narrow:

  • Broad: Includes relevant articles, but probably some that will be less relevant.
  • Narrow: Includes more precise articles, with fewer retrieved.

Click here to learn about the specific searches strategies that are used.

Add   NOT preprint[pt]   to exclude preprints.