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HIST 489WR Indigenous Peoples and Empire in Latin America.

This guide is designed to assist the students in Dr. Yannakakis's & Dr. Billing's Spring 2023 course with their research


Welcome to the Indigenous Peoples and Empire in Latin America Library Research Guide. Here you will find links to sources that will help you with writing your final paper.

Title: A Soldier Grasps Atahalpa King of the Inca. 19th-century-print-a-soldier-grasps-atahalpa-king-of-the-incas-534290974-58e094af5f9b58ef7ea1733b.jpg


A major objective of this course is to write a high quality, well-researched, and well-written 20-page professional research paper.  The precise topic is up to you, but it must somehow relate to the theme of the course: “Conquest and Conversion in Latin America.” Each student will present her/his research during one of the last two weeks of class.  In addition, students will exchange drafts of the paper for peer review.  The final draft of your paper is due during finals week.  A general guideline for the paper structure would be the following:          

I. Introduction (2 pages)

II. Historical Context/Analysis of Relevant Literature (5 pages)

III. Analysis of Primary Source Material (10 pages)       

 IV. Conclusion (3 pages)

Grading of Final Project

Intermediate written assignments: 20% [1. Prospectus and draft bibliography (5%), 2. historical context and analysis of relevant literature (Historiography) (5%), 3. Detailed paper outline (5%), and 4. Workshop 5 page draft text (5%)

Research Presentation: 10%

Rough Draft and Peer Review: 10% (5 points for each)

Final Paper: 20%