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Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Emory

Publisher Statements on AI

More publishers are now establishing guidelines and policies surrounding AI and its use in scholarly publishing. These policies are sure to change and adapt to new developments.

Other organizations involved in scholarly communications have also issued statements and guidelines:

The Society for Scholarly Publishing blog, The Scholarly Kitchen, published a guest post by Avi Staiman on March 31, 2023: Academic Publishers Are Missing the Point on ChatGPT. The author argues that ChatGPT and other similar tools could promote equity in publishing for authors in STEM disciplines who struggle to write scholarly articles and get them published because English is not their native language. Staiman concedes that using this tool would be trickier in HSS disciplines “where the act of writing constitutes an essential part of the research or in ethnographic and qualitative studies where the author’s role impacts the nature of the study.”

Another article in the Scholarly Kitchen takes a positive spin on AI and Scholarly Publishing: AI and Scholarly Publishing — A (Slightly) Hopeful View.

AI Tools for Images in Papers


Highlights new tools such as ProofFig and ImageTwin to address potential issues with graphics and images in scientific papers.