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Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Emory

Copyright and AI

There is some debate as to whether AI corpora and outputs are protected by fair use and/or transformative use guidelines, e.g.

Copyright implications in text and data mining:

Recent Cases and Legal Research on AI

HeinOnline is a great source for legal research on issues of artificial intelligence and associated technologies. The link below contains a canned search for "Artificial intelligence or machine learning".

Hein Online customized search 

Recommended AI Blog List from TIGER (Technological Innovation:Generating Economic Results program at Emory Law and Business).

Government Resources

Interested in finding out what the federal government is discussing and concerned about in regards to applications of AI to federal functions, as well as in regards to privacy and ethics? Consider congressional hearings and reports, which often incorporate overviews of pending legislation and input from expert witnesses in these areas. Your best source for this source of information is ProQuest Congressional. Note thats hearings are also searchable in the library catalog.

ProQuest Congressional--Recommended search