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Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Emory

Keeping Up Through Business News & Publications

Regularly reading key sources of business news is one of the most important ways to remain on top of what is going on about artificial intelligence, generative ai, and machine learning.
Newspapers such as: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post
Magazines such as: The Economist, Forbes, Fortune, and Bloomberg Businessweek

Accessing these:
Register for the Wall Street Journal and New York Times apps.
The Economist magazine is available via the online database.
Bloomberg Businessweek articles can be located in Business Source Complete 

  • Read this blog to learn how to search for Businessweek articles in BSC

Use Factiva to locate Forbes and Fortune.

  • Recommended Factiva search strategies
    • artificial intelligence and sn=(forbes or fortune)
    • artificial intelligence and healthcare and sn=(forbes or fortune)
  • Harvard Business Review -- HBR articles can be located in Business Source Complete.
  • Read this blog to learn how to search for HBR articles in BSC.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

To access The Chronicle:

  • Go to eJournals@emory
  • Search: the chronicle of higher education
  • Click Connect for the Online version
  • View Online/Full text availability - click link to The Chronicle

Access is free but registration is required.
Run the following Google search to access Inside Higher Ed's Artificial Intelligence portal:

  • "artificial intelligence" inurl:insidehighered

Market Research: Industry and Technology Applications

Market research reports can help you to understand the "state of" AI across different industries.  Content includes current and potential applications, market size and market share, competitors, products & services, and current trends, risks, and forecasted performance.

Run a search such as the following: "artificial intelligence" AND healthcare
Then use the EMIS Guide to apply filters to narrow the results to industry-focused reports, specific geographies (e.g. Global, United States, etc.), and specific publication dates.

Recommended search strategy:
Run this search: artificial intelligence
Then use the Categories to narrow results to specific industries, e.g. Pharma, BioTech, Healthcare, etc.
Select the Partners category for competitive intelligence-focused reports.

Consulting Firm White Papers

Freely available on the Internet, the consulting firm white papers are excellent sources of AI insights and data; focused on solving real-world business problems and challenges, they explore timely strategy, operations, disruption, risks, successes, failures, and more.

Start with these searches. Repeat the search, substituting a different consulting firm, e.g. inurl:accenture; inurl:bain, etc.

  • "artificial intelligence" inurl:mckinsey
  • "artificial intelligence" [your industry] inurl:deloitte
    • "artificial intelligence healthcare inurl:deloitte

More Websites & Databases

With a focus on startups, VC and PE, use Pitchbook to glean insights into AI market opportunities, identify investors in this space, and companies engaging with investors for a piece of the market.

Recommended starting point

  • Market Analysis>Analyst Workspace>Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Curated data from Pitchbook Research, Data, Market Maps, and Related Resources
  • Market Analysis>Curated Verticals>Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Curated deals for this vertical
  • Library>Research Center>click Pitchbook
    • Search: artificial intelligence
    • Locate Pitchbook's quarterly reports on recent AI deals, trends, insights, etc.
  • Screeners>Companies & Deals or Investors & Funds
    • Locate deals for which AI is a preference identified by the company or investor
      • Click Industry
        • Verticals>Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
        • Combine with Industries or Emerging Spaces

eBooks and Audiobooks on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Check out this collection of business-focused ebooks and audiobooks on artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

All titles are available in the Overdrive database. Check out the books of interest and download them to your computer, laptop, or any mobile devices using Libby app.