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WGS 200: Introduction to WGS (Atlanta)

Spring 2022, Warren

Research Report

Library resource requirements form your Research Report Instructions

Option 1: Annotated bibliography and working thesis

Your annotated bibliography should include 4 sources:

  • At least 2 peer-reviewed academic articles (one can be from class materials).
  • Other 2 can be journalism (e.g. fact-checked articles published by magazines. If you're not sure if something has been fact-checked, you can speak to a reference librarian about it!)

Your annotated bibliography should include a 200-300 word entry for each source (not including citation). For each source, you must:

  • Provide full citation of the source following the Chicago Manual of Style (author-date version) or the preferred style of your discipline. I don't care which citation style you use, as long as you use it correctly and consistently. 

Option 2: Detailed outline

Submit a detailed outline of your final presentation or paper. If you choose this option, it should be ~800 words and cite at least 4 sources.

  • at least 2 should be peer-reviewed articles

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