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Social Justice Corner (topic guide)

This guide attempts to provide a starting point to learn about social justice initiatives across the Emory Libraries, Emory Campus, Atlanta, and beyond, as well as provide knowledge and resources to key social justice issues.

Social Justice Partners Across Emory Campuses

Mural by Sierra Basquez, Carolina Jaime Chinchilla, Maggie Fagan, Hayden Hadley, Celia Jacobs, Jessica Kang, Mallika Kolachala, Saayli Kokitkar, Michelle Mugo, Rebecca Neish, Claire Pomykala, Katelyn Roebuck, Annie Schiffer, and Neha Vaddepally, Cox Hall, Emory University

Task Force on Untold Stories and Disenfranchised Populations

Serving in an advisory capacity to the president, the Task Force on Untold Stories and Disenfranchised Populations is charged with reviewing opportunities for recognizing, observing, and memorializing the contributions of disenfranchised populations to Emory University.  Paul Root Wolpe from the Center for Ethics and Yolanda Cooper from the library will co-chair. 

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Campus Resource Guide

Emory Libraries DEI Committee