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Milestone ePortfolio Citation

This guide is intended to help students with citation for their Milestone ePortfolio projects.

Do I Need to Cite My Own Work?

Yes! It may feel strange to cite your own paper, but it's an important part of leaving an easy-to-follow research trail. Citing any work lets your readers know where it came from, and your own work is no exception. This applies to papers, presentations, artwork - anything you make that wasn't published.

When you cite an unpublished work, you will want to include this information:

  • The author/s (don't forget anyone you worked with on a group project)
  • The title of the work
  • The date (in this case, the date it was turned in)
  • The name of the course
  • The institution
  • The type of work (student paper, presentation, etc.)

Find more information about citing in your chosen citation style on our Citation Guide.


An example self-citation of an unpublished paper in MLA style.

Crowl, Paige. "Wading Through the Data: Are Consumers Willing to Buy Lionfish on St. Croix?" 9 Dec. 2016. ENVS 250, Emory University, student paper.

Crowl Paper