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PSYC 200 Lab in Experimental Methods (Atlanta)

Professor Elizabeth Kim, Spring 2023

Find Research Articles

Try these databases first:

LibKey Nomad for quick access to full-text articles

LibKey Nomad is a free plugin that helps you access scholarly journal articles. Once it knows you're affiliated with Emory, LibKey Nomad checks the web page of the article you're viewing to see if it's available at Emory. If it is, you'll see a graphic in the bottom left corner of your browser window that looks like this:

If Emory doesn't have the article, LibKey Nomad will also check open-access repositories and Unpaywall to see if there is another free and legal way to find it.

LibKey Nomad can also find many e-books in our catalog.

Installing the extension isn't very complicated. Third Iron has official browser extensions for most major browsers:

Google Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers, including Microsoft Edge)

Mozilla Firefox



To install LibKey Nomad for Google Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers:

  1. Visit the Chrome Store page for the LibKey Nomad browser plugin.
  2. Click the "Add to Chrome" button.
  3. Chrome will ask whether or not you give the extension permission to operate:

If you choose to cancel, LibKey Nomad will not be installed.

4. If you add the extension, Chrome will open up a new tab that asks you to select which institution with which you're affiliated. Choose "Emory University" from the drop-down list:


Once you see the message above, you can close that browser tab. LibKey Nomad should now be functional.


There is also a LibKey Nomad extension for Mozilla Firefox. To begin, visit its extension page and click the Add to Firefox button to install:

The process is almost the same as the Chrome version; accept the privacy permissions, then choose Emory from the list of supported institutions.



LibKey Nomad is now available as an extension for Safari. To add it to your browser, go to the Apple App Store and click the blue "Get" button. Once it has been installed, you need to give LibKey Nomad permission to access every website:

LibKey Nomad instructions

When the configuration instructions ask you to select the organization with which you are affiliated, choose "Emory University." The search box will autocomplete the name once you start typing.

Just as with the Chrome and Firefox versions, once you visit the page for an article LibKey Nomad identifies as a resource available to you, the "Download PDF" button will appear in the lower-left corner of your browser window. Click the button and log in (if you haven't already) to see the resource.


Additional Resources for Animal Studies

PsycINFO Alerts

How to Set Up Search Alerts in PsycINFO
1.Open the PsycINFO database.

2.On the main search page, go to the upper right corner and select Sign in.

3.On the left side of the page, select Create a New Account.

4.Fill out the information and select, Save Changes.

5.You will be directed back to the search page. Conduct a PsycINFO search using the search terms that you want to use for your alert.

6.On the Search Results listing page, select the option at the top right corner of the results,  Share.

7.Under Create an alert, select E-mail Alert.

8.Beside E-mail to, type in your email address.

9.Adjust the General Settings for Frequency, Results format, and Articles published within the last

10.Select the Save Alert button.