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PSYC 200 Lab in Experimental Methods (Main)

Professor Kim, Spring 2021

Empirical vs. Review Articles

Know the difference between empirical and review articles.

Empirical article
An empirical (research) article reports methods and findings of an original research study conducted by the authors of the article.  

Literature Review article
A review article or "literature review" discusses past research studies on a given topic.

Scholarly vs. Non-Scholarly Sources

Know the difference between scholarly and non-scholarly articles.

Good guide provided by:
University of Arizona

"Scholarly" journal = "Peer-Reviewed" journal = "Refereed" journal

To determine if your article is from a scholarly journal:

  • Go to
  • Search by the exact title of the journal
  • If it says "Refereed: Yes" then it is a scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal