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Guide to Overleaf at Emory

Access to Overleaf

Link to Emory's custom portal on Overleaf 

If you already registered for Overleaf using your address, you should be automatically transferred over to Overleaf Pro+.  If you registered with another email address, you will need to register with the address, and then confirm your address so as to access all the Pro+ features, which include:

  • Additional storage space
  • Greater number of collaborators
  • Tracking changes
  • Addition of Templates


Steps to create a new account:

  1. Start at Emory's custom portal on Overleaf 
  2. Create an account using your email address. You will create any password you want. 
  3. Check your email (and possibly your junk folder) for an email verification. This is the step you MUST follow to get access to Emory's pro account.
  4. If your access is a problem after following the above 3 steps, email Overleaf customer support at  

Steps to move your Overleaf account to an Emory pro account:

  1. Once logged in, click on Account settings and select email and affiliations.
  2. Add your email. Select add a new email.

For any questions or problems with accessing Emory's account:

  1. Check the Overleaf FAQ
  2. Email Overleaf customer support at  
  3. If Overleaf can not resolve your access question, report this to Emory's IT Service Management or Ask a Librarian letting us know what you tried so far. 

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