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Library research for undergraduates learning about ecology

What is Ecology?

Did you know. . . .?

  • Ecology originates from the German word Oecologie and was first used in 1866 by E. Haeckel? OED
  • Ecology subdisciplines include community, population, landscape, and evolutionary. Credo

Interdisciplinary studies can include economics, conservation, biology, law, public health, and human ecology.

Ecology Research Articles

Ecology Research Web Sites

This search engine blocks most websites and is set to only search some relevant government agencies and international NGOs. This is not an exhaustive search but a good starting place. 

Next Steps

This web page is just the beginning and only a small sample of research tools available to you Emory University researchers. Emory students can schedule an appointment online or email Kristan to discuss their specific research assignments to receive more targeted support.