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Explore the rise of the global human rights movement during the second half of the twentieth century through the International Secretariat records of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Amnesty International. The material within this collection is vital for studying the history of key political events, global social change, human rights violations and campaigns with themes including abolition of torture, state violence, political prisoners, minority rights, and more. Outside of the organisational records, external releases, and posters of Amnesty International, the resource includes more than 50 hours of oral history content. Within these recordings individuals discuss their own experiences working for the organisation in its early years and onwards.
Classic Brazilian Cinema Online This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) Brazilian Cinema Online, Brazilian Cinema, Brill
A unique collection of digitized historical film magazines from the 1910s to the 1970s, providing students and researchers with easy access to rare and previously dispersed sources documenting the cinematographic history of the largest country in Latin America.
CQ Voting and Elections Collection This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) Voting and Elections Collection; Voting & Elections Collection
A database of elections data, authoritative analyses, concise explanations, and historical materials to help researchers investigate and understand voting and elections in America from 1789-present.
Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Viewpoint This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) EIU Viewpoint
Reports and data covering country political and economic analysis, forecasts, and business regulations.
Alternate Name(s) Ghana and Togo Under Colonial Rule
Ghana and Togo Under Colonial Rule, in Government Reports, 1843–1957 contains papers from the colonial governments in Ghana and Togo. They shed much light on British rule in these territories. The government reports contained in this collection cover the First and Second World Wars and the rise of African sleeping sickness from the Tsetse fly. They also document the administration of social services prior to independence.
Judaica Digital Collections This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) Promoting Jewish Education; Jewish Societies in Ukraine; Anti-Semitic Organizations: Union of the Russian People; Jewish Pogroms in Kyiv; Victims of Pogroms; Mendel Beilis Trial Papers; Jewish Emigration from Ukraine; Jewish Emigration from the USSR
Online database of important Judaica materials collected from various Russian and Ukrainian archives. This collection includes following eight resources from the State Archives of Kyiv Oblast’, spanning the mid-19th and early 20th centuries: Promoting Jewish Education, Jewish Societies in Ukraine, Anti-Semitic Organizations: Union of the Russian People, Jewish Pogroms in Kyiv, Victims of Pogroms, Mendel Beilis Trial Papers, Jewish Emigration from Ukraine, Jewish Emigration from the USSR.
Alternate Name(s) Kenya Under Rule in Government Reports
Reports from 10 different government departments dealing with Kenya under British colonial rule. Part of the British Online Archives.
Kyobo Scholar This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) 교보스콜라
Kyobo Book & Hakjisa's full-text database of academic journals, covering all subjects.
MasterFILE Complete This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) EBSCO
Designed for public libraries, MasterFILE Complete offers the highest quality collection of popular full-text magazines, reference books, videos and other sources covering virtually every subject area. Helping patrons find relevant content has never been easier.
Moment Magazine Archive This link opens in a new window
Moment Magazine Archive is a comprehensive cover-to-cover database that explores the complexities of literary, political and cultural religious nuances of the Jewish world. Moment Magazine Archive’s coverage spans from May 1975 to December 2010.
Native American Tribal Histories This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) American Indian, Indigenous Studies
Records of Bureau of Indian Affairs Superintendents, 1813-1880.
Alternate Name(s) Nigeria and Cameroon Under Colonial Rule
Reports from 10 different government departments dealing with Nigeria & Cameroon under British colonial rule. Part of the British Online Archives.
Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) Nineteenth Century U.K. Periodicals, 19th Century UK Periodicals, 19th Century U.K. Periodicals, Part 1 Women's, Children's, Humour, Leisure, Part 2 Empire/Colonial, Travel, Culture, Missions, Part I, Part II
Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals, Part 1: Women's, Children's, Humour, and Leisure covers British life in the Victorian age and the events, lifestyles, values, and ideas that shaped the world during this milestone period. This collection marks the advent of commercial lifestyle publishing in Britain and charts the rapid rise of modern magazine culture.

Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals, Part II: Empire turns its attention to the role Britain played beyond its own borders as an imperial power throughout the nineteenth century. Complete runs of 91 periodicals chart a century in which Britain extended its influence, reaching new heights of empire building. Sourced from the British Library, the National Library of Scotland, and the National Library of Australia, the collection contains periodicals from Australia, Canada, Ceylon, India, New Zealand, and South Africa. With over one million fully searchable pages o text, users can search for articles on the abolition of the slave trade within the British Empire in 1807, read about reports of the first Opium Wars (1839-42), measure the response to Queen Victoria's assumption of the title of Empress of India in 1876, and follow the European powers in their "scramble for Africa" in the 1880s and 1890s.
Points of View Reference Center This link opens in a new window
This database provides content that can help students assess and develop persuasive arguments and essays, better understand controversial issues and develop analytical thinking skills. In addition to providing Points of Views topic reports, includes newspaper, magazines, news resources, and more to present multiple sides of an issue.
Projectr This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) Projectr TV, Projector
Projectr presents a curated collection of acclaimed movies, archival restorations, and award-winning documentaries from around the world. Hosted by the educational film distributor Grasshopper Film, it includes a large selection of their titles as well as films from other independent and educational distributors.
The Hindustan Times offers coverage of 1924–2010, including news articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, cartoons, and more.
Alternate Name(s) Socialism on Film, Digital Socialism on film
This collection of films from the communist world reveals war, history, current affairs, culture and society as seen through the socialist lens. It spans most of the twentieth century and covers countries such as the USSR, Vietnam, China, Korea, much of Eastern Europe, the GDR, Britain and Cuba.
TDM Studio This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) ProQuest TDM Studio
ProQuest TDM (Text and Data Mining) Studio allows you to create and analyze datasets from ProQuest content.
Variety Archives This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) Variety Media
Full text of Variety, the leading entertainment industry trade paper, from 1906 to the present.

Wavteq IncentivesFlow This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) IncentivesFlow
WaveTeq's IncentivesFlow is a database that tracks incentives provided by governments to encourage domestic and international investment projects. The incentives include taxes, rebates, grants, loans, credits, subsidies, and non-financial supports. The database also includes information about individual investment projects, such as jobs recorded and capital expenditures.