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Course Guide to CHN272: Literature in Early and Imperial China

This course offers an introduction to traditional Chinese literature from its beginning in the first millennium through the end of the imperial era in 1911. The class will read and discuss some representative works from various periods, ...

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 Course Overview

This course offers an introduction to traditional Chinese literature from its beginnings in the first
millennium B.C. through the end of the imperial era in the early twentieth century. All readings
consist of primary texts in English translation. The pieces have been selected for their beauty and
diversity, for how they represent, complicate, question, or transcend canonical values. Within a
largely chronological framework, we will trace genealogies and transformations of motifs and themes
that cut across centuries, individual authors, and genres. In class, we will focus on the close reading
and analysis of the assigned texts, which will be discussed in their specific cultural and historical contexts.

Getting Started

 The Course Guide

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