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Treaties and Conventions: Other Non-U.S. Treaties

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Multilateral Treaties

Sources for text, signatories, ratification status, reservations

University of Minnesota Frequently-cited Treaties guide: By topic, with citation format and links to EISIL and Hein Online.

UN Treaties Collection: Text and status of United Nations treaties.  Includes the UNTS, recently deposited treaties, certified true copies, and status of treaties. Multilateral and bilateral treaties are deposited with the UN Secretary-General, including but not limited to UN treaties. Search for treaties in the UN Treaty Series database, or find by popular name. Results include pdfs of treaties in the UNTS.

FLARE Index to Treaties: Searchable index to multilateral treaties 1353 to recent, bilateral treaties 1353-1815. Includes treaties from Bowman & Harris (Multilateral Treaties: Index and Current Status), the Index of British Treaties, the European Treaty Series, International Legal Materials, the UN Treaty Series Index, and the Australian Treaty Series.  Some treaties include links to full-text.

International Legal Materials: (KZ64 .I58), available online in Hein Online, Westlaw, and Lexis. Includes recent and draft significant treaties, along with UN resolutions, international court decisions, and other primary international documents. The current issue table of contents is available on ASIL’s website.

UN Audiovisual Library of International Law: Links to UN treaty collections and to national treaty sources.

Treaties and Alliances of the World (MacMillan Law Library Reference KZ1301 .T740 2007).  Topical and regional lists of treaties, with summaries and descriptions, some with full-text.

Sources of State Practice in International Law (KZ64 .S67 2014). Chapters by country with treaty background and procedure, and bibliographies of treaty sources.

Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs)

Find sponsoring intergovernmental organizations as depositaries for treaties and for text and information. The organization’s Secretariat is the administrative body responsible for the treaty document and for monitoring signatures and ratification.  Treaty text and information is usually available in the IGO’s publications and website.

Links to many IGOs can be found in:

Subject-Specific Treaties

Geneva Conventions (International Committee of the Red Cross): Treaties, protocols, commentaries, and history.  Includes party states and national implementation.

ICRC International Humanitarian Law Database: Includes the Geneva and other humanitarian law treaties, commentaries, full-text of reservations, implementation data, and tables of parties to treaties.

UNODA: Disarmament treaties

University of Minnesota Human Rights Treaties Library: Human rights treaties by topic or party.

UN Universal Human Righs Instruments: Human Rights treaties.

WTO Legal Texts: Agreements and annexes

WTO Regional Trade Agreement database: Search by country or criteria.  Includes status, signatories, and dates, with links to full-text of treaties.

Global Preferential Trade Agreement Database (World Bank): Bilateral preferential trade agreements.  Find by country or subject area.

UNCITRAL: Texts and status of trade treaties, including the CISG

ICSID Database of Bilateral Investment Treaties: Find by country or year.

ILO NORMLEX: Labor conventions

Global Health and Human Rights Database: International and regional instruments on health and human rights.

ECOLEX: Environmental treaties and legislation

Worldwide Tax Treaty Index (Tax Analysts; K4471 .W67): Available online on Lexis.  Citations to tax treaties, with legislative history for U.S. tax treaties.  Lexis includes full-text of treaties, English translations, and headnotes with additional information.

Regional Organization Treaties Sources

European Union Treaties: Published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Council of Europe Treaty Series: Print at KZ625.3 .C68.  Linked table available as Complete List of Council of Europe Treaties.

Organization of American States Treaty Series: Multilateral treaties by year and subject, bilateral treaties, recent actions.

Subject Guide