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HIST385: Latinx South


Mi Gente; mural by Yehimi Cambrón, featuring five portrait subjects illustrated in front of a colorful painted background. Portrait subjects from left to right: Jason Esteves; Felipa Martinez; Danny Cabrera; Teodoro Maus; Arizbeth Sanchez.

Welcome to your course library research guide. Feel free to contact your course librarians if you have questions or if you'd like to set up an appointment to discuss your research assignment in more detail.

Course Librarians

Erica Bruchko - Librarian for African American Studies and US History

Phil MacLeod - Librarian for Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American Studies

Using this Guide

This guide has a few different sections designed to help you both with your research in this class.

Books & Articles - Learn how to find books and articles at the Emory libraries.

Newspapers - Learn ways to find newspapers that document the Latinx experience.

Oral Histories - Learn about how to conduct and find oral histories. 

Legal Materials & Government Documents - Learn how to find court cases and government information at the local and national level.

Data, Maps & Stats - Learn what archives are open and how to access them.

Additional Resources - Learn how to access physical archives in the area and about Latinx organizations in Atlanta.

Latinx Studies Guide - Learn where to find additional resources outside of the southeastern US.

Accessing the Library Remotely - Learn what resources are available to help you do your research amid COVID restrictions.