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HIST385: Latinx South

Subject Headings & Keywords for Latinx Studies

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  Look at the subject headings attached to the results of this search and Browse on them.

"Hispanic" and "Latino" are frequently used in literature describing native Spanish-speaking populations in the United States. Here are examples of Library of Congress subject headings that indicate differences in those groups:

  • Hispanic Americans
  • Cuban Americans
  • Mexican Americans

These subject headings generally refer to U.S. citizens descended from particular regions or countries.

Use the following Library of Congress subject headings to indicate more recently arrived Latin American citizens who are living and working in the United States:

  • Mexicans--Texas
  • Colombians--United States
  • Central Americans--Arizona

Here are some other subject headings that may be useful:

  • Mexico--Emigration and immigration
  • Southern States--Emigration and immigration
  • United States--Emigration and immigration
  • Adult education--country or region
  • Children's literature, Spanish, Mexican, Hispanic American, etc.
  • Citizenship--country or region
  • Education, Bilingual--country or region
  • Family violence--country or state
  • Mexican American Border Region
  • Naturalization--country or region