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Hip Hop

This guide addresses hip hop in relation to music, dance, culture, literature, and race.

About This Guide

This guide addresses hip hop and rap in relation to music, culture, literature, and race.

It includes:
  • Information on how to find recordings of and documentaries about hip hop.
  • Sources of background information, such as encyclopedias.
  • Links to books and e-books on topics related to hip hop.
  • Databases for finding articles about hip hop, plus key journals.
  • Links to hip hop archival collections at other institutions
  • Help in citing your sources
Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers cover
Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers (CD 7173 and DISC 10408)
Thanks to Marci Cohen at Boston University for much of this guide's structure and content.

Celebrating Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary (2023)

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