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ARTHIST 329|CL 329 Greek Sculpture in the Age of Kings

From the King’s Peace in 370 BCE, which ushered in the Late Classical Period, through to the Roman conquests that marked the end of the Hellenistic Period in 30 BCE, “ancient Greek” sculpture underwent a radical evolution. This course will study how the a

Library Instruction Session

Chella and I (Kim Collins) look forward to meeting with your class on March 13th, 10-11:15am in the library's e-classroom 312 (third floor of the Woodruff Library). 

I. Welcome -Kim Collins, Art History Librarian & Chella Vaidyanathan,Classics Librarian

II. Library 101 - Chella 

  • Library Search (Subject Headings vs. Keywords, using facets, etc.) 
  • ILL (interlibrary-loan) 

III.  Review Course Guide - Kim 

  • Jstor -

IV. Hands-on (groups of 3) - please pick a topic to research, complete hand-out, and elect a spokesperson who can report back to the class about your team's process and finds.  

V. Debrief and reflect - each team's spokesperson will explain their process and reflect on their findings.  


brainstorm keywords - Praxiteles, Lysippos, "Hellenistic Sculpture" Amazons, Amazones, Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Attalid, Pliny the Elder,Pergamon, portrait sculpture," "victory monuments," and "architectural sculpture"

Primary Sources

A primary sources are original, first-hand records of a particular culture, event, or time period. These first-hand records can be contrasted with secondary sources (including many academic articles and books), which provide analysis or interpretation of primary source materials.

Primary sources include historical texts, inscriptions, artifacts, contemporary buildings, etc. 

You can find many primary source materials via Library Search. Primary sources can also be found in Rose Library.

For more detailed information, see the Primary Sources Research Guide.

Call Numbers (Finding Books in the Stacks)

Most of the Emory libraries use the Library of Congress classification system of letters and numbers to group materials by subject. These call numbers are listed in Library Search and marked on each book. Use our call number guide to find out which floor of the library has the book you need.

8         A - DC
7         DD - HD2499
6         HD2500 - JK & N-NX
5         JL - LT, P - PR999
4         PR1000 - Z