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Google Scholar Tips and Techniques

Perform more effective Google/Google Scholar Searches

Configure Google Scholar for Emory Libraries' Collections

Google Scholar can be configured to show results that may be available via the Emory Libraries' collection.  While having a Google account is not essential, having an account does makes some functions easier for the user.  

To configure the Google Scholar settings, click on the 3 hash marks in the top left corner of your browser to get to the Settings:

Once you click on the has marks, click on Library Links and Search for Emory University.  You will see the "Find It @Emory" as an option.  Select that option and click Save.

After you have saved the settings, once you perform a search in Google Scholar, you will see the "Find It @ Emory" option as indicated below.  Clicking on the "Find It @ Emory" link will take you to Emory's University Libraries' catalog Library Search, and the linkout to the full text, if available.

Export Google Scholar Records to EndNote

To configure Google Scholar to export records to EndNote, login to your Google Account and then in Google Scholar go to Settings: Search Results. In the Bibliography manager section, select Show link to import citations and change the option to EndNote and click Save as shown below


Run a search in Google Scholar and select the records you wish to add to your EndNote library by clicking on the star below the reference. Google will state, “Saved to your library.”

Once you have marked the references you wish to import into your EndNote library, look in the top right corner and click on My Library:

Once in your library, select all the records you wish to export to EndNote and click on the export icon, and select EndNote:

A file with an .enw extension will be downloaded. Click on the downloaded file and the records will be imported into your open library. If you do not have an EndNote library open, the most recently opened library will open and the records imported into that library.

Create Alerts

Both  Google Scholar and Google allow you to set alerts about subjects for which you wished to be alerted.  For Google Scholar:

Google Scholar

  • Go to Google Scholar.
  • Click on hash marks in left corner Click on Alerts.
  • Create alert search.


  • Go to
  • Type your topic(s)  and click Show Options to set criteria for your alerts.
  • Once you have selected your options of delivery, click Save.