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Adding Variables

Adding variables and working with them is a key function in MAXQDA that can help you organize and work with your data.

To Add Variables:

  • Go to  Variables on the top menu.
  • Then go to List of Document Variables.

  • Once you are here, you can add variables through clicking , the New Variable tab.

  • Once you do that, a box appears for you to add a variable.
  • Let's add the variable Education:

  • Click OK.
  • Education is now added as a variable:

  • To add values to the variable of Education, you click on the Data Editor icon, .

  • This takes you to the Data Editor for Document Variables.
  • A value is a characteristic of a variable. So here, for example, the variable is education and the values are university and high school.
  • To add a value: double click on an empty box and add your text.

  • Here you can see that the value university has been added.


Creating Document Sets

A Document Set is a folder that holds copies of your documents in various configurations.

  • You can create as many document sets as you like.
  • When you code a document, the codes will show up in the original document and all its sets.
  • You can delete sets without altering or deleting your original document.

Here, we are going to create a Document Set.

To create a Document Set:

  • Go to Mixed Methods.
  • Then go to Activate Documents by Variables.


  • This box will appear.

  • Then drag and drop into the middle box Conditions the variable you want. Choose the value you want. Here the variable gender has been chosen and the value male.
  • Then click New Set.

  • A new Document Set is created of people in the study who are male. The red signals that these documents are activated.

  • You can now work with this Document Set