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There are multiple ways to use MAXQDA as a team.

  • You can have multiple team users sign-in on the same computer with different user names.
  • You can exchange parts of a project and then put them back together through using the importing and exporting functions.
  • You can have multiple team members work on the same document and then merge the documents back together.

To do this, you use the Teamwork tab in the Home menu.


Merging Files

You can transfer project files from one computer to another via USB stick, a cloud, via email, etc. You want to make sure you do not open the file directly from these external sources. For more information, see:

In terms of merging multiple user files, you’ll need to do it in twos. If you have project files A, B and C, you’ll want to merge the files A and B first and merge the file AB with the file C afterwards.

Merging project files does not transfer coded segments. If you merge files, it either duplicates documents with the same name or ignores them (that depends on your merging settings).

To transfer coded segments, memos etc. from one project file to another, MAXQDA recommends that you use the Teamwork Import/Export. You can read more about Teamwork Import/Export:

Video tutorial about Teamwork and Data Management: