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PSYC 190 The Science of Study (Main)

Kazama, Fall 2019

Purpose of this LibGuide

This library research guide is designed to help you successfully find peer-reviewed articles and other scholarly information that relate to the assignments for this class. 

Three Primary Goals for This Course

From your syllabus:

"There are three primary goals for this course:

  • Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the psychological principles supporting learning and memory, achieving a functional knowledge of how these principles are imbedded in various evidence-based study approaches. 
  • Students will come away from the course with a broad understanding of how to find, break down, and evaluate peer-reviewed literature. They will learn to separate opinions based on anecdotes from scientific findings, and the utility of the peer-review process.
  • Students will choose, implement, and evaluate various study methods using an evidence-based approach