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Data Resources for International Environmental Policy (ENVS 377)

Political Institutions and Public Opinion

National Surveys on Energy and the Environment, [United States], Fall 2008-Fall 2017
The National Surveys on Energy and Environment (NSEE)was "an on-going biannual national opinion survey on energy and climate policy. Launched in 2008, over time the NSEE has covered topics such as public policy approaches to address climate change including federal, state, and international action; energy policies such as cap-and-trade, carbon taxes, renewable energy requirements, vehicle emissions standards, and many more; and knowledge and attitudes about global warming, climate adaptation, fracking, and geoengineering." The data available here include "data from eighteen waves, from Fall 2008 through Fall 2017. Demographic variables include age, years of education completed, income, political affiliation, religious affiliation, gender, and race." Data from individual waves are also available via openICPSR and via the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. If you need to access the ICPSR and its data from off of campus, please see this notice and these instructions from the ICPSR.

Polling the Nations
This database allows you to search a large database of results from surveys and opinion polls conducted throughout the world. The geographic scope of the database is global, and the topical coverage is very wide-ranging and includes subjects such as global warming and environmental conditions.

Quality of Government (QOG) Institute
The QOG Institute is hosted by members of the Department of Political Science at Göteborg University in Sweden and is devoted to "the causes, consequences and nature of 'good governance.'" The Institute has created multiple collections of data on governance: a broad collection of governance indicators that is global in coverage; a more narrow collection that focuses on social policy in wealthier countries; data from expert surveys on politicization and professionalization of public administration in individual countries, and a new data collection on perceptions of corruption in individual regions within EU members. The data are compiled from multiple sources, including the Polity Project, the Cingarelli-Richards Human Rights Data, Transparency International, Freedom House, various international organizations, and datasets produced by various academics. The QoG data are available in SPSS, Stata, and comma-delimited (.csv) formats.

World Bank Governance Data
The World Bank hosts a website devoted to research on governance and institutional quality and their relevance for economic development and performance. As part of its efforts in this area, the Bank collects and distributes data on a variety of aspects of governance and institutional quality. Of particular interest may be the Worldwide Governance Indicators, which score countries in areas such as control of corruption and regulatory quality, and the firm-level surveys such as the Enterprise Surveys. The Bank's GovData360 site also brings together hundreds of governance-related indicators from multiple data sources and makes them available via tools for downloading and visualization.