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SOC 245: Individual and Society--Hegtvedt--Fall 2023

Formatting and Citation in Sociology

Sociology Citation Guides

American Sociological Association Style Guide. 2019. HM569 .A54 2019

Quick Style Guide for Students Writing Sociology Papers  (4th edition. 2010)

Based on the American Sociological Association Style Guide to serve as a quick reference for students preparing papers.

Other Useful Citation Guides:

Citing Your Sources is an Emory Research Guide that documents how to avoid plagiarism, how and when to paraphrase, and when you don't need to cite.

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Avoid Plagiarism

Using the work of another scholar without proper citation, whether that work is available in print or online, is plagiarism, a violation of the Emory Honor Code. See the Citing your Sources guide for more information.