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Religious Studies


Subject expertise for the study of religion is shared across the Woodruff Library and the Pitts Theology Library. Woodruff subject librarians can help with religious studies enquiries related to particular religious traditions. Pitts Theology Library can help with research queries related to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, while also aiding users with a theological commitment to the traditions under study. Below you will find links to the contact information for librarians who can assist researchers engaging with the world's major religious and philosophical traditions. You will also find links to other subject guides at the Woodruff and Pitts.   

Collection development and consultation responsibilities are shared among multiple subject librarians. Please refer to the call number ranges below and contact the librarian responsible for titles and topics that fall in those ranges. 

Gautham Reddy - Religion and South Asian Studies Librarian

B (Philosophy - general) - South Asia-related

BL (Religions. Mythology)

BP (Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.) - South Asia-related

BQ (Buddhism)

BX (Christian Denominations) - South Asia-related

Neda Zeraatkar - Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Librarian

BP (Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.)

Tarina Rosen - Jewish Studies, REEES, and Linguistics Librarian

BM (Judaism)

Chella Vaidyanathan - European/World History and Philosophy Librarian

B (Philosophy - general)

BC (Logic)

BD (Speculative philosophy)

BH (Aesthetics)

BJ (Ethics)

BL (Rationalism)

Pitts Theology Library -

BR (Christianity)

BS (The Bible)

BT (Doctrinal Theology)

BV (Practical Theology)

BX (Christian Denominations)







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