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Authentication Tools

We have provided a simple bookmarklet that allows you to easily authenticate:

  1. Drag the Authenticate! button to your bookmarks toolbar/sidebar.
  2. When you need to load an electronic resource, click the bookmarklet. It will route the page through correct Library server and give you access.




If you are using a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) or are having issues dragging and dropping the bookmarklet button, you can also create the bookmarklet manually. The exact method varies depending on which browser you use, but you'll want to view your list of bookmarks and ask to create a new one. Give it a name you'll remember easily, and for the URL address use:


Once you've saved your bookmark, you can use it by clicking it when you're searching for journal articles and asked to pay. The bookmarklet will reroute your request through our proxy server.

In Safari you can do a text replace with

  • System preferences > Keyboard > Text

As an alternative to all of the above, you can paste the following in your browser's address bar to initiate authentication:

[Depending on how the web address displayed, the second http:// may not be necessary.]


Computer Support

Student Digital Life offers a variety of services (TechLab) and integrated technologies (Virtual Reality) across campus to support student learning, creativity and collaboration.