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Help - using the Digital Library

Collections in HathiTrust

What are collections?

Collections are used to group titles for private or public use.

Why use or create collections?

  1. Collections are a way to pull together relevant titles on a given subject.
  2. Collections can be searched as a corpus, separate from all of the works in the HathiTrust.

How to create a collection?

  1. Log-in:  This is the first step to either view collections or to make your own. Log-in at the HathiTrust website and you will be asked to authenticate with your Emory Network ID and your password. 
  2. Collections (tab on the top menu):  Click on this tab to view public collections that other users have created.
  3. My Collections (tab on the top menu): Click on this tab to create your collection or to view other collections that you have created.
How to add to a collection?

When viewing an item,  the left menu offers the option to "Add to a Collection." Below is a pick box that will list the collections that you have already created. Select the desired collection and then Add the item to the collection. You also have the option of creating a new collection - again you must be logged in to either create collections or to add items to collections.