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German Language and Literature Guide

A Woodruff Library Research Guide for the study of German Literature and Language.

Literary and Critical Theory

Welcome to the Literary and Critical Theory.  Here you will find valuable information regarding Literary and Critical Theory provided by the Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism.  The Johns Hopkins Guide provides scholarly articles and overviews of major theoretical and critical discourses, as well information about important literary theorists and critics.  You will find that the Guide is a useful tool to become acclimated to many different theoretical and critical discourses. 


In order to use the guide, please keep the following information in mind.  If you are interested in researching Paul de Man, you may do so by using the search function in the guide.  Doing this will retreive all articles and entries associated with de Man.  However, if you are more interested in getting a general overview of de Man's work then simply click the LIST OF ENTRIES TAB and find de Man under the D tab.  This will retrieve the article specific to de Man and will provide an overview of his work.  This basic function may be used for any search, so that searching for deconstruction will pull up all entries relevant to deconstruction, whereas finding deconstruction in the LIST OF ENTRIES TAB will pull of the article(s) specific to deconstruction.