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German Language and Literature Guide

A Woodruff Library Research Guide for the study of German Literature and Language.

Online Resources

Online Resources

German Literature Online:

German Literature Collections

Brings together five individual ProQuest German literature resources: Goethes Werke, Schillers Werke, Kafkas Werke, Brechts Werke and Die Deutsche Lyrik. Each author database is searchable and contains complete works in full-text format. The Deutsche Lyrik covers German poetry from the 15th-20th-centuries, including all volumes published within Reclam's Universal-Bibliothek since 1945.

OPAC der Deutschen Bibliothek Frankfurt am Main

The printed Deutsche Nationalbibliographie, which listed dissertations in Reihe C Dissertationen und Habilitationscchriften and Reihe H Hochschulschriften, must now be supplemented with online searching in the Deutsche Bibliothek's online catalog.

Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker

This is the electronic version of a series published in book form since 1981. It includes classics of fiction, poetry, philosophy, history, and literary criticism written by German authors.

Bibliotheca Germanica

A Web resource that makes available texts of various German authors and poets online. Users can browse a list of authors, key literary movements, and literary genres. Short biographies of authors are given, alongside a list of their works. Selected works are then made available to read online.

Deutsche Gedichte

An online database of German poetry hosted by the Universität Freiburg. The site makes available hundreds of poems, all of which are in the public domain and users can browse them by author. Poets whose works are published on the site include: Theodor Fontane; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Heinrich Heine; Friedrich Hölderlin; Nikolaus Lenau; Christian Morgenstern; Eduard Mörike; Rainer Maria Rilke; Joachim Ringelnatz; Friedrich Rükert; Paul Scheerbart; Friedrich von Schiller; and Theodor Storm.

German Emblem Books

Ongoing project at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign aiming to digitize their internationally renowned collection of over 600 emblem books written from 1540-1800.

Sophie: A Gidigtal Library of early German Women's Writing

A growing digital library of fiction written by German women between 1740 and 1923.

A website that makes available audio presentations of a wide range of literature in German. Users can listen to full-texts or extracts read aloud, downloadable in mp3 format. There are around 500 works by over 150 authors available. Some texts are also available to read online. Some of the authors featured include: Theodor Fontane; Franz Kafka; Theodor Storm; Goethe; Heinrich Heine; and Rainer Maria Rilke. There are also short biographies of authors.


Searchable full-text portal for world literature by more than 700 authors from Antiquity to the 20th century. Many forgotten authors and out-of-print books.

Period Specific Resources

Albert K. Wimmer Anthology of Medieval German Literature 

An online collection of texts, compiled and edited by Professor Albert K Wimmer, with introductions to and commentaries of each text. Spanning the centuries between 750 and 1500, this anthology represents a valuable contribution to the field, updating and building upon its predecesor, 'An Anthology of German Literature 800-1750' by Peter Demetz and WTH Jackson.

Monumenta Germaniae Historica

The Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH) is a collection of medieval historical sources (historical works, charters, legal texts, letters, political texts, and literature) for the study of Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the Middle Ages. This database contains all five divisions of the MGH (Scriptores, Leges, Diplomata, Epistolae, Antiquitates) and is continually expanding with the hope that the entire body of MGH editions will be available digitally by 2016.


Internet platform on which contemporary poems can be read and listened to both in their original languages and various translations. At the moment presents 690 poets, 6238 poems, 55 mother tongues and 7589 translations into 52 languages.

MATEO : Mannheimer Texte online

Established in 1996, MATEO publishes digital versions of new research and Early Modern primary sources held at the University of Mannheim.

News Sources

German Studies Web

Includes links to streaming audio and video and sources from many German-speaking countries.

Donner Wetter

The weather forecast for Germany.


Searchable interface to the content of Der Spiegel and other news sources via SpiegelWissen.

Der Spiegel

Browse issues of Der Spiegel; free access to all except the two most recent issues. Current issues can be found in the periodicals room.

Die Tageszeitung

Berlin Published newsource.

Muenchen published newsource.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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