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CHN271W: Modern China in Film and Fiction

Streaming Films

Emory library purchased some streaming films that you can watch online.  You can search them from library's online catalog, discoverE.  Here are some of them for your information:

Films on DVD

Emory library also collected quite a few Chinese movies that are in DVD format.  You can search the films in discoverE and with the DVD number, you can check it out the DVD from Music and Media library.  Here are some Chinese movie DVDs for your information:

  • 归心似箭 = Gui xin si jian (DVD 26919)
  • 我这一辈子 = Wo zhe yi bei ji (DVD 10474)
  • 年青的一代 = Nian qing de yi dai ( DVD 26954)
  • 喜盈门 = Xi yin men  (DVD 26990)
  • 舞台姐妹 = Wu tai jie mei  (DVD 26980)
  • 农家乐 = Nong jia le  (DVD 21290)