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How do I find newspapers? Topic Guide

Find Newspapers from Another Country or Region?

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Do a search for NEWSPAPERS using the search box on the Woodruff Research Guides home page to get links to subject or regional-specific guides with tips on finding newspapers

Find Newspapers Not Available Online?


Newspaper Directories: While the number of newspapers accessible online is growing exponentially, many are still available only in print or microformat.   

Woodruff Library has hundreds of papers in these formats.  They are listed in discoverE but are often more readily identified via one of the following directories:

Newspapers in Print

Woodruff Library subscribes to approximately 50 US and foreign newspapers in print.

Issues are kept in the Candler Building Newspaper Room, just to the left as you enter the Matheson Reading Room.

Some papers are on the shelf on the day of publication. Others arrive several days to several weeks after publication.

Most print issues are retained for three months or less.  Woodruff has access to older issues of some titles in online or microformat.

Newspapers in Microformat

Many newspapers - including many not currently available online - are kept in microfilm or microfiche format on Level 1 of Woodruff Library.

Microforms are a medium containing materials photographed at a greatly reduced size for ease of storage. Microfilm looks like a pint-size movie reel; microfiche looks like a large plastic index card.

Newspapers on microfilm or microfiche - and equipment to view, print, and scan them - are located on Level 1. Newspaper titles are housed in cabinets arranged by MICFILM or MICFICHE call numbers listed in the catalog and our newspaper directories (listed in the box above), and then by date. 

Most microforms are housed at the library services center. Ask for help with requesting these at the Library Services Desk as needed.