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Newspapers in Print and Microformat - Woodruff Library Directory

What This Directory Includes

In addition to our vast and constantly growing collection of newspapers in ELECTRONIC format, Woodruff Library also holds a large number of newspapers in PRINT, MICROFILM or MICROFICHE format (what's this?) - many of which are not available online.

You can search Library Search for print and microformat newspapers, but that's hard to do if you're trying to identify papers from a particular city, state, or country or from a particular time period, or if a paper has undergone mergers, title changes or cessations.  This directory attempts to address these issues by providing geographic, alphabetical and chronological listings of Woodruff's PRINT and MICROFORMAT newspapers only. 

These listings are relatively up to date but may include inaccuracies and exclude some titles, so ask for help if you don't find what you're looking for.

Subject-Specific Newspaper Guides

This guide is intended to be a comprehensive list of ALL newspapers Woodruff Library holds in print or microformat.  The following guides provide SUBJECT-SPECIFIC listings of Woodruff Library newspapers:

How to Use the Directory

The U.S. Newspapers and Foreign Newspapers listings provide detailed publication, title history and Woodruff Library holdings information for a particular newspaper.  These listings are arranged geographically (by state/city or country), so you must know where the newspaper was published.

If you have a specific foreign newspaper title BUT you don't know where it was published - use the Title Index to determine its place of publication ...

If you need foreign newspapers from a particular decade or century - use the Chronological Index to determine what titles are available and note their place of publication ...

THEN consult U.S. Newspapers and Foreign Newspapers listings to access detailed publication, title history and holdings information.