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Ethnomusicology, World Music, and Folk Music Guide

Area Studies & Cultural Groups

Emory has research guides for African-American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Jewish Studies, and many more fields.  Use these to identify article databases pertinent to your interdisciplinary topic.

Best Music Subject Periodical Databases

Specialized Databases

Multidisciplinary Periodical Databases

Key Ethnomusicological Journals at Emory

A selective list of journals available at Emory and generally useful for academic papers.

  • Acta Musicologica
  • Asian Music
  • Asian Musicology
  • Black Music Research Journal
  • British Journal of Ethnomusicology
  • Ethnomusicology (formerly Ethno-Musicology)
  • Ethnomusicology Forum
  • Ethnomusicology Online
  • Folk Music Journal (back issues)
  • Journal of Musicological Research
  • Journal of Musicology
  • Journal of the American Musicological Society
  • Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (back issues)
  • Journal of the Royal Musical Association
  • Music Review
  • Musicology in China (Zhongguo Yin Yue Xue)
  • Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology
  • People's Music (Ren Min Yin Yue)
  • Popular Music
  • Popular Music and Society
  • Study of Music (Yin Yue Yan Jiu)
  • World of Music
  • Yearbook for Traditional Music

Scholarly vs. Popular Publications

Scholarly journal articles are usually the most appropriate for academic papers. Characteristics of scholarly publications:

  • Report on primary research
  • Written by experts in the field
  • Written for other researchers/scholars
  • Use terms and language that are discipline-specific
  • Usually include in-text citations and a bibliography of cited sources
  • May include graphs, charts, etc. related to the topic
  • Often are peer reviewed by an editorial board of experts
  • Published by a professional organization or society, university, research center, or scholarly press.

Examples include: Ethnomusicology, Journal of Musicology, American Music, Musical Quarterly, and Popular Music.

Popular newspaper and magazine articles are useful when your topic is so current that scholars haven't written much about it or you need first-hand, contemporaneous reports (such as a newspaper or magazine review by a person who attended a work's premiere). Characteristics of popular publications:

  • Contain general information that appeals to a wide audience
  • Written by journalists or others who are not professionals in that field
  • Use easily understood language
  • Usually do NOT include citations or a bibliography
  • Limited or non-existent editorial review
  • May contain glossy photographs and/or advertisements

Examples include: The New Yorker, Down Beat, Rolling Stone, and Variety.