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PSYC 212 Social Psychology (Main)

Professor Strock, Spring 2020

Evaluate what you find

Questions to ask:

  • Have you used a variety of sources?
    • Compare and contrast the information you find with several authors and and array of sources such as books, Emory dissertations, journal articles, and studies.
    • Comparing and contrasting the information will help you in identifying biases and will enhance the validity and reliability of your research.
  • What is the source's date of publication? Is the information on your topic current?
  • Who published it?
    • If it is a university press, the material is more likely to be scholarly.
  • Is the information valid and well-researched?
    • That is, are the author's ideas supported with research that is documented by footnotes, a bibliography, and/or a works cited page?

The CRAAP Test

How do you know if a source that you find is research paper quality?

Try putting it through The CRAAP Method of Evaluating Information, a series of questions developed by librarians at California State University, Chico.

This test is designed to work for all information sources, including Web sites.

Click here to find the complete CRAAP Test pdf - just one page!

The acronym CRAAP stands for:

Currency: The timeliness of information.

Relevance: The importance of information for your needs.

Authority: The source of the information.

Accuracy: The reliability, truthfulness, and correctness of the information content.

Purpose: The reason the information exists.