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PSYC 212 Social Psychology (Main)

Professor Strock, Spring 2020


Paper Assignment:
"You will need to select a topic or area, identify a specific instance/example of that topic and how the principles of social psychology are demonstrated or utilized in this area."

Paper length: 8 pages

Possible areas:
legal system, medicine, sports, business, politics, environmental concerns, or your own topic with written permission from Professor Strock a week before topics are due


  • You will need to have a minumum of six (6) scholarly references for the paper and a maximum of (8) scholarly references. Combining scholarly and non-scholarly references, you may have a total of ten (10) references (this may include 2 non-scholarly references) for your paper.
    • Four references must be original empirical articles from scholarly journals
    • Two references may be a scholarly book chapter, book, or (literature) review article
    • NO websites or dissertations
    • At least five of your scholarly references must be from 2005 or later; only one may be a "classic," published before 2005.
  • You may have up to two (2) non-scholarly, popular press type references
    • Ex: magazine articles, web sites (not Wikipedia), or newspaper articles from reputable sources. The non-scholarly sources must be properly cited in your references. 

***Finished papers will be due on Monday, April 27, 2020 at the beginning of class (8:30 a.m.).