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PSYC 110 Introduction to Psychology I: Psychobiology and Cognition (Atlanta)

Hampton, Summer 2023

Use These Databases to Find Scientific Articles

Research Tips for This Assignment

Once you locate a mainstream article related to psychology, write down things like: 

  • the lead author/investigator
  • key words about the study
  • the title of the journal in which the study was published
  • the date or approximate time frame when the study was published

Now, you are ready to begin searching databases for scholarly articles. Here are some instructions:

  1. Open one of the databases below (Web of Science or PsycINFO) and enter your search terms - ex: the last name of the author, key words from the study title, and the year of publication - in the appropriate fields.
  2. If you do not see the Full Text of the article, select the button to see if we have an electronic or print copy here at Emory.
  3. Always look for a PDF link for optimal viewing/printing of the article.


Some mainstream articles will say something like, "In a study published yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine..." 

Be aware that databases may have a DELAY in making the most recent copies of journal articles available.  If you need help, contact me (see "Social Sciences Librarian" box with my photo and email link) or our library service desk team (see "Ask a Librarian" box). 

Web of Science

Professor Hampton would like for you to search the Web of Science database for the studies that popular news sources mention.

You may want to explore the materials on this page: Getting Started with Web of Science which offers training resources for the database. 


If you are unable to find the study that you need in the Web of Science, try searching the PsycINFO database.